Pogies - Which ones have loosest fit?

Borrowed some NRS Mamba’s but they fit too snugly for my wet hands to re-enter without a struggle. Dry hands go in fine and thin gloves also slide in but wet hands get stuck. Which Pogies have the loosest fit? Thanks!

the biggest??

I have something like these
from this company. They are warm and roomy. Maybe they’ll work for ya.


I am also in the market for a couple of pairs, one warmer and one lighter weight.

I like the ones above because the sleeve is longer.

I saw a pair of Seals that were lighter weight but can’t find them on the web.

having said that, I just found a pattern on line (google how to make pogies) for neoprene that look like they would serve well for anybody that have any extra neoprene laying around.


great question
Pogies are great but being able to get your hand in, especially when cold and wet, is a major issue.

I have tried many and I find that the mitts from Immersion Research are great (for light weight ones) as are the ones from Warmers if you want heavier and warmer onces.

Next best…mitts like the Level 6 or the NRS Toaster Mitt


The problem is they are “one size fits all.” So which ones are the “biggest?”

I have the Kokatat brand pogies…i can wear medium weight wool gloves under then w/o feeling like my hands are cramped. Not sure how they are with wet hands…they do have a pile lining on the underside of the top of the mitt for warmth…i would think it would be better to dry the hands b4 sticking them inside a pogie. IF its cold enough to be wearing mitts, i would not want my hands wet for any longer than absolutely necessary. pack a small towel inside your jacket or shirt to dry off the hands if they get wet.