I am looking for something to keep my hands warm in temps down into the 30s, but really like to be able to maintain the sense of feel for the paddle shaft. As a result, I really don’t like to use my Hydroskin gloves.

I recently tried some pogies—a set of Hydroskin ones from NRS and pair from Warmers made of 3mm neoprene.

Well…they both kept my hands really warm, but I don’t know whether I like them or not. The neoprene ones were to heavy and clunky for what I really needed, and they both were very hard to get my one hand in and out of on the water. I like to be able to take one hand off the paddle to get a drink etc, but getting it back into the pogie, even while using my teeth to hold the material, was kind of a pain.

Can anyone tell me if there is an easier way or if there is a pogie out there that allows easy entry and exit on the water? The super short ones from Kokatat look like they might be easier to get in and out of. I don’t really think I need a long cuff like the ones I tried.

What do you think?



I use the short ones from Kokadat they are pretty good however they are just too warm. I find myself using my gloves in temps above 25F. On days when exposure and immersion is a possibility I use the pogies plus thin neoprene gloves with no fingertips(regulating body temps very important).

Kokatat Kayak Mitts
Yeah Pogies!

Ok, maybe that’s overly enthusiastic. Liked mine on this morning’s quick paddle on the Hudson.

The Kayak Mitts are very light and defintely not clunky. Tropos material, fleece lined, velcro tab to wrap to the paddle shaft to stow when not in use. Makes a great stocking stuffer! Whoa, too many tv commercials have already had their effect.

See you on the water,



Yeah, Pogies.

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I hav never had the problem you describe The pogies stay on the paddle shaft, and my hands slip in and out without event.

For all the glove lovers out there, more power to 'em. But I really like not only the direct contact with the shaft, but almost more importantly, I like getting my hand in and out so that I can adjust zippers, clothing, sprayskirts, toggles, bungees, etc. These are hard in gloves.


Are yours the ones from Kokatat? I am assuming they are from the picture.


These are mine, bowler1

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I got them new from this seller tamtam on eBay. They are neo, but unlined. Between you and I, my hands actually get hot in these pogies. I think fleece lined would be too hot for my neck of the woods (Illinois). These are new, Supratex plus neo, and hard to beat for the $20 price, shipped.

I also own some Snapdragon pogies which are equally nice.


I have some snapdragons. They the coated neoprene one and are very warm. I’ve never noticed a problem getting my hand in or out of them. They just slip in and out.

Another neo version
Wildwasser makes a very easy in/out pogi. Two versions short cuff, Yampa Pogi and the longer cuff, Greenland Pogi. Both have a plastic circlet sewn into the hem of the cuff to keep it open.

Just slip in.

Heavier than the Kokatat Tropos Mitts.

Oh, BTW the Tropos Mitts aren’t completely fleece lined. Just across the back of the hand/fingers. Works nicely.

See you on the water,