Hi, I just got a pair of NRS “HydroSkin Mambas” for Christmas and the package says they are universal size. I have never used pogies before and was wondering if there is a secret to wearing them. They seem very loose and it appears that you velcro the paddle shaft inside with your hand. Is this correct?

Thanks for any advice.

Quite correct

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They protect from cold spray and wind BUT were
never meant to be perfect ""winter gloves"" .
They can easily be put on the paddle shaft
while on land, and adjusted, before hitting the water.
I paddle often with SnapDragon Pogies and keep gloves
nearby, on my body, to use when hitting shore.

For me personally, I hate compressing neoprene gloves,
around a paddle shaft. It fatigues my hand muscles.
With pogies, I actually feel the nuances of the shaft.

I’m a pogie fan as well. They take a bit to get used to. I’ve never worn the nrs ones with the hydroskin. My 3 mm ones are extremely warm, in fact too warm for most of my winter paddles. I might have to get a hydroskin pair.

Ryan L.

wore mine today again
They stay attached to the paddle, not to your hands. If you remove your hand from the paddle, you remove your hand from the pogies.

They’re actually quite warm. I’ve used them down into the 20’s with perfectly warm hands.

Thanks for the information. That makes sense that you can remove you hand from the pogies while they stay attached to the paddle shaft so you can slip your hands back in. Explains the looseness.

radiomis (Ryan), What brand do you
have that is 3mm?

I have the NRS but would like some that thicker.

And for those that do use pogies in the winter, it helps if you use a paddle that does not have an aluminum shaft. Aluminum tends to be colder than fiberglass or carbon fiber. Been there, done that.

glacier glove
They are really cheap. Just amazon pogies. I think they come via outdoorplay.com. I just bought a pair for my father so they should still have them.

Ryan L.

SnapDragon pogies

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Easily getting hands In and Out of pogies "can" be
an issue depending on if they stay open or not.
Holding shape is important to me, Snapdragon works.

Hypalon resists abrasion, extreme temperatures,
UV degradation, mildew and fungus.

Hyper Hands :


you are more apt to swim
Suppose you are going downstream with a nice current behind you and go under a big, low branch… Ducking under is your only option, unless you can pull your hand out… I do like my nrs pogies but they do require some practice so please dress to swim

I’ll second the “Practice” part
Depending where you paddle, be prepared for debris.

Think of pogies as similar to “clipping in” via

a good pair of cycling shoes on a bike.

Not all pogies are alike, some have long

flippy/floppy cuffs that make quick

re-insert or takeout a bit of a chore.



Etymological Note: Probably from the

French pogne ‘mitt, hand’ or pagaie ‘paddle.’