point 65 modular kayak

Does anyone know the length of the longest piece of a point 65 martini sit in kayak? I recently lost my car and kayak in a house fire. Since I have to replace my car first I would like to make sure my kayak wil fit comfortably in the back. I wrote to the company but no response.

thank you!

No idea but
Just so you know that Valley Kayaks also offers take apart kayaks as an option 2 or 3 peice. Although they don’t answer emails either, lol. Better to talk to a dealer.

their website has the specs

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The longer of the two sections (the front) is reported to be 5' 7" on the company's website. The stern section is 4' 8". Click on the tab that says "facts" for all the detailed specs. Hope that helps you:


and the
mid section is 5’4’’

Look at the specifications (german): http://www.kajakprofi.de/tourenkajak/point65-martini-tandem-zweier-tourenkajak/a-1010009096/