Point 65 N Fasthing 470 anyone?

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While looking at their sea kayaks, I saw this.

But I can't find any info on this boat, other than what's on the Point 65 web site. Can anyone point me to reviews or better yet, post some impressions/thoughts here?

The more I think and analyze how I paddle, the more it seems that a boat like this might actually address may be 80% of how I paddle and should be higher on my list than a true sea kayak. Realistically, I tend to do 2 hours at a time a couple of times a week on flat water for fitness. Seeing it, I even read about surf ski a bit, but they seem a little too "extreme" for my mild nature and tall frame -;)

Any info or thoughts on the Fasthing will be appreciated. I e-mailed a Point 65 N dealer in VA about it and will let you knoe what they say, but they do not even have it listed...


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Per the USA distributor, this boat has not yet been imported here. So, no chance of demoing one in the near future...

What's stranger, I could not find a single article about it. Wierd - may be because of its "mixed" specification there is no real interest in it (too wide to be trully fast, not as versatile as a sea kayak, expensive for the new paddler, etc.)???

Here is the link at Point 65 N's web site:


By looking at it, and considering it's 23.4" wide by 15'4" long, would this be as fast as a fast sea kayak at sustained paddling speed (not a sprint)? The charts that P65N provides seem to indicate so...

Agree with Eric,
don’t see a market for the Fasthing, too many boats in the Jet class to justify a shorter, wider, slower boat for fitness. Price point probably not competitive either.


I have not looked at or paddled such boats, so the links were helpful!