Point 65 Whiskey, any impressions?

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I was checking out a new Whiskey at a dealership.
The skeg looked kinda loose and back deck abit high
but nice big hatches and neat hatch in front deck.
The price tag wasn't bad at 1995.00 for a new boat, and came with skeg and rudder. Anybody
paddle one of these?

Here’s one review.

I have not paddled one.

First Impressions
I did not have a chance to really get a decent feel for the boat and so the following is basically a rather superficial first impression. I am 5’ 10" and 175#. I most often paddle a SOF or an AA and as a result I thought the bow was huge as in broad and voluminous, but it is not a big boat overall and cockpit was snug. I did not care for backband. It had nice primary and you could lean it way over so the secondary was quite strong. Seemed to turn easily, rolled easily, static braced easy. Construction seemed first rate. It lacked the visceral feel of the SOF and AA, but appeared to be very predictable and responsive so I think it would be good in confused/rough water. It belongs up there with the Avocet and Romany is my first impression.

Another review
I have not seen this boat, but the talk about its’ volume being carried well towards the bow and stern, makes me wonder how it compares to the old Mariner Coaster that also appeared to place a fair amount of volume in the bow and stern.




We have a couple of them and you probably already read the review we wrote. It’s definitely a fun boat. Feel free to give us a call (757-439-3179) if you have additional questions, or drive on down to the states and we’ll get you out surfing this winter!

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Whiskey review
Hi Tom, I enjoyed your Whiskey review and would

enjoy a winter break in the surf. Thx

Mariner Coaster
Another design philosophy of putting a lot of volume in the bow and stern.



whiskey 18
It might be interesting to know that the whiskey 16 is now followed by the larger whiskey 18

Whiskey 18
They don’t have any info on there website about this


whiskey 18
Seems like it was at the Kanumesse in Germany earlier this month: