does anyone have any experience with this brand? They look/sounds really nice. I want to upgrade my plastic sea lion, and the XP looks amazing…

a 17’11" boat that is 42lbs in Kevlar carbon, come on, think its true?

I am thinking this boat is pretty fast, but no dealers in my area NC/SC.

I cant seem to find many reviews here, anyone have any suggestions?


here is the link I forgot

I Was a Dealer for Point
The only real “problem” with Point kayaks was name recognition, and it looks like one of the Nigel’s is with them, now, so maybe they’ll become a household name.

Yes, I liked the quality. Just a good lay-up.

The cockpits on the first boats to USA were DEEP. I don’t know about the new ones.

The hulls on the original K-1’s were GREAT in my opinion. They loved going fast, but turned VERY well and liked choppy seas.

My buddy says they were tippy, but he has NO coordination. I’d say the X-Ray LOOKS impressive, but I’d have to paddle it…


where are you folks located?
X-ray in stock?, my wife is imterested in the x-lite.

These boats just look good and different, We are very interested in these boats.

The web site list a few dealers, I guess I will contact them and see where it goes.

Carbon kevlar/ xp 42,lbs, and x-lite 37-38 lbs,


Point 65
I stopped by the Jersey Paddler yesterday and looked at some of the Point 65 boats they had. Nicely laid up, very reminescent of my Kajaksport Artisan Millenium. Although comparing the lay up of the Artisan and the Point 65, I think the Artisan is put together better.


I went to Jersey paddler
I did not see any point 65 kayaks there, which model and colors did they have Andy?

thanks, cause I tested these @ charlston last year and loved the look/fitt /finish,

they appear to be very good open water boats that will track well , not needing a skeg and not needing the silly rudder option as well.

The carbon kevlar boat the had was probable the best looking boat I have seen to date.

I have contacted most of the dealers and no one has many in stock, I wonder why?

Shed area, behind the store
Don’t remember what models they were. Call or email them.


I will call them
I also like impex f-5 and Nigel foster legend.

they all look sweet


Nigel Foster is working for point 65
That must mean something, if he has joined them?

I found some cool pictures of him paddling in your europe in an XP Kevlar


I am also interested in…
Point 65 boats, primarily for the price of their glass boats. I will be in the market this spring for two plastic sea kayaks (Capella, Avocet, Aquanaut, etc), and the X-Ray, at $2000 is not that much more, and considerably less then glass boats from P&H and Valley.

I would be very appreciative for any thoughts/information concerning the X-ray in particular, or Point boats in general as to quality, performance, etc.

My wife and I are upgrading from Tsunami 140s that we purchased last year, and we had pretty much decided upon the plastic P&H or Valley boats, until more research found the Point boats. My main concern is that I really don’t want to purchase plastic boats this year, only to go out and purchase glass boats if/after we outgrow these.

For those of you with experience with the P&H, Valley, and Point boats discussed above, would you recommend the Point 65 X-Ray over these plastic boats, due to the glass construction? Or, are the Valley & P&H boats better constructed and designed?

We plan on using these kayaks primarily for coastal day touring, weekend trips, and the occasional weeklong trip.

Thanks as always for the all great comments!

Point 65 North XP

I paddled this boat in Kevlar last April at the Charleston Kayak Festival. I thought it was the boat of the show and tried to get a buddy of mine who owns Up The Creek Kayaks located in Georgia to carry the boat. He didn’t move fast enough and Sea Kayak Georgia picked the boat up. The XP was very fast and stable. The fit and finish was great.

Email Rick and Christie Bartels at paddlepoint [paddlepoint@cox.net]. Rick and Christie are the distributors for the boat on the east coast. They are awesome! There are no XPs in Florida. They figured out a way to have one their dealers, who was traveling down from Virginia, bring a boat to us for several of our club members (British boat drivers) to try. The XP is a great boat and I don’t like skeg boats. I like the lazy, no skills way (that’s what I’m told), rudders.

Good luck with the boat. Give Rick and Christie an email.

I’ve been considering a point boat, probably an x-lite since I’m a smaller paddler. I’ll try contacting them and see if I can test paddle one.

sharp entry
looking at the xp it look like it would do really well in chop, rough conditions