Point 65

Does anyone out there have any info or experience with the Point 65 Modular kayaks that are for sale? Do they go together easily and where is the cheapest place to buy one?

Saw Them Once
I saw a demo of one at the Paddlesport show in NJ. They looked cool and i liked the idea. The one thing i didn’t like was the rudder cable running along the back deck (or the fact that it had a rudder at all). They went together with very little effort though and appeared to come apart just as easily!

SOT and rec
I have paddle the SOT and rec versions, but not the new “touring” version.

They connect and disconnect very quickly. Literally a minute to do it. Not a super tight connection, so you might see some flex between the parts, but likely not something that matters.

The SOT version was a wet sire for me. Wetter than most SOTs. Guess at 220 pounds, I am a little heavy for it.

The rec version I think is the one with the rudder. I am generally not a fan of rec boats, and this one didn’t change that perception.

They had announced the touring version before last years Outdoor Retailer trade show, but they didn’t have it there. Maybe this year?

Considering it is ne w and not widely distributed, you may have trouble finding good sales.

Very cool

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We bought 2 of the Tequila Tandem kayaks and we love them. Easy to store and assemble.

We got ours online at http://www.imarineusa.com they had free shipping and included the backrests for us.