Point 65n ID

I just picked up a Point 65 N very cheap. Its 17’4" long and 23"wide I cant find any info. Trying to size a seals skirt maybe 1.8 or 1.7 IDK. Can anyone id the model from a picture?

Every time I ask a question the answer floats into my head… well google and this site helped a little on this one. The boat appears to be a sea cruiser.

The Point 65 N website seems to have the needed skirt (X-Large) for $139.

Contact Seals or send them a pattern and they can make it. Need to just trace outside of combing.

Contact Point 65 and ask them what model it is. If you give them the hull number they should be able to tell you. I think you can look the hull number up online and get model info… I don’t have a link, maybe someone can post it?

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