Point 65n X013 GTE

Hi, 1st post here. I paddle a Necky Chatham 17 and we paddle Old Town Dirigo 120’s when with our crowd.

One is great for long stretches and the other for chilling in the Smokies.

Lately I have been eyeing the Point 65n X013. Does anyone have any experience with this craft? Good and bad.


Never heard of it. You could try
googling for reviews. It takes a while for a new boat to work its way into the collective paddling consciousness.

Point 65n X013 GTE

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Kayak in question is here: http://www.point65.com/kategori/5214/xo13.html

The reviews on it are relatively encouraging. Just wondered if anyone here had any further hands-on experience with it.

These are made in Sweden and seem to be nicely made boats.

Edit - More info on it found here: http://www.paddling.net/buyersguide/showBoat.html?boatID=2650&boattype=Kayaks

No not made in Sweden I think.
I’m pretty sure their production facilities are in China. I’ve seen the X013 in local stores though; they do look nicely outfitted, but I’ve no idea how they paddle.

You may be right…
…I was going by their website: http://www.point65.com/kategori/5036/about.html

So you’re thinking they are outsourced? They sure brag on their Swedish heritage.

Where have you seen them?

I seem to remember that
on their old web-site one of the owners had a blog in which he talked about all the travelling he must do, including regular visits to Point 65N’s production facilities in China.

And yes I agree, they do seem to make a big deal of their Swedish heritage.

I live in Quebec (province of) and have seen the X013 at stores in the Atmosphere and SAIL chains. (http://www.atmosphere.ca/en/ and http://www.sail.ca/). The X013 reminds me somewhat of the Riot Edge 13, which is also manufactured in China, despite Riot being a Canadian based company. I mention this in passing since last year, a former founder and owner of Riot Kayaks became the N. American representative for Point 65N (I’ve no idea if this is still the case) and all at once, the Riots disappeared from a lot of stores to be replaced by the P65N boats…

…I’m in Tennessee and haven’t seen hide nor hair of them, at least, yet!

Buy anything but Point 65n!!!
I had an XP18. I brought it back after one week. Don’t be fooled everything they sell is made in China.

I’ve seen a lot of their kayaks in stores.

Cheap and poor quality. In fact MEC ( a large Canadian) retailer stopped selling their products after one season. MEC gives a very good warranty on all their products, so I guess it was getting pricey for them.

Good information to have. I would likely have to buy one via the internet, sight unseen as there are no dealers in this area who stock them for me to inspect in person.

Not sure if there are any similarities between the two boats but your negative experience really adds dimension to the consideration - thanks again!