Point 65N XO 11

Hi, Does anyone have experience with this kayak ? It seems like it would be fast for a 6’0 ", 220# paddler as the weight limit is 342#. 11’ is my max for storage/transportation needs and use will be on lakes. No camping, ww, fishing, etc. just paddling. Need something a little faster than currently owned units. Thanks for your comments.

The length factor

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An 11 ft kayak will NOT be very fast.
It is considered a Rec Kayak.

Then again, compared to _________ it may be
a big step up from what you had before.
You may easily enjoy day excursions of 10 miles
in a 11 footer at 2 to 3 mph cruising speed.

Point 65 makes very fast kayaks, but they are typically much longer and fairly narrow.

A few shots of Point 65 kayak from a recent race

You’re right that an 11ft boat
won’t be fast, but speaking as some one else with limited storage, among 11ft boats, the XO11 does look interesting. It has dual bulkheads, a skeg and/rudder. It’s beam at 25inches is narrow for a boat this length. I saw one in store recently and it’s quite cute. The question for the OP though is whether it is big enough for him. At the same length he might also consider the Venture Flex 11, the Riot Edge 11. I don’t think there’d be any problem for him in the Flex.

speed is relative
My current Kayaks are 9’6 ', a Swifty, and my wife’s blast. I paddled a Santee 116 that was much faster, but the tracking lacked a lot, and the material might not hold up on rough rocky shores. Also at 11’6" , I cannot quite get the storage shed door closed. I like the Edge 11, but wonder if the 275# is too close to my 220#, and would slow it down. I appreciate your comments. Thanks.