Point 65N XP18

I just saw a recent photograph of the Point 65N XP18 kayak on their website. Is this boat available in the US? Has anyone had a chance to paddle it? It looks awesome!

Try calling Paddle Point in VA
I don’t think it’s available in the U.S. yet. But the good news (seeing you’re from Richmond) is that there’s a Point 65N distributor right in Williamsburg named Paddle Point. You can’t buy from them directly you have to go through a retailer, but they can tell you when and where to find it. I know that Virginia Sea Kayak Center in Chesapeake, VA is a retailer for Point 65N. Being a big guy, I like the sound of the wider and bigger cockpit on the XP18 for wet exits and reentries. I currently have a Point 65N X-Ray and love it, except the cockpit is a bit snug. I’ve also read good reviews on the Point 65N Whiskey 16 & 18.


Though dangerous :wink:

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Safety Warning: Kayaking is an active sport and involves risk of injury and even death. Please obtain competent instruction from certified instructors before kayaking or using any of the equipment associated with Paddle Point LLC. Learn about potential hazards and assessment of risk before you paddle. - http://www.paddlepoint.net/Point65XP.aspx

They forgot to mention that paddling is very addictive as well. :slight_smile:

Point 65°N, XP18
Yeah, it looks amazing, and the specs very promising …

REI is carrying this model.