Point 65N XP18

I found a great deal on an XP18 (L:18’, W:21"). There are not a lot of reviews anywhere. Has anyone tried one out? I’m also considering an Epic 18x, Stellar S18 or a Seabird Designs H2O. Basically i want a super fast touring kayak.

All opinions welcome!

Plumb Bow 18 ft plus kayaks

– Last Updated: Aug-11-12 9:59 PM EST –

It is possible to get 6 - 7 miles in under
1 hour on a mirror flat calm lake in 18ft + kayaks.

A number of plumb bow longboys all did a friendly
competition recently at a Detroit MetroPark Lake

Epic V12
Epic V10L
Stellar Elite SE
Carbon Think Uno
Point 65N XP18

I paddle an older model plain Epic 18 .
A calm, no wake, lake paddle, of 15 miles +
is very possible in under 3 hours.



Why not?
Take a look at what Novus Composites has to offer? Their Expedition is fast, comfortable and extremely seaworthy. And even better–they are gorgeous.

I’ve had mine for nearly four years and it still continues to amaze me at what a great boat it is. It’s not my only kayak, but it is the one that I want to be in when conditions get real tough and I need to cover a lot of miles in a hurry. nckayaks.com

I should have mentioned
NC Kayaks are American made; I believe most of those on your list are made in China.

Sad but true regarding China
The Point 65n XP18 retails for $3,400 here in Canada. The store is doing a clearance sale for $2,000. It’s hard to say no! The irony is that i’m reading a book now titled ‘A year without made in China’.