Point 65's Whisky 16 playboat

-- Last Updated: Sep-15-07 3:02 PM EST --

Apparently another hull for the day, play touring boat category is going to be entering the market. Has anyone seen, paddled or heard anymore about it?


Expect it will be a fun one
since Nigel Foster is listed as the designer. I had a chance to paddle a P65 Crunch Rocker last fall and was impressed with that RM hard chined boat. Also coming in 2008 is Wildy’s new Zephyr a redesign of the Dagger Meridian SK hull. I expect it will be a fun ride as well.


Point 65 Crunch Rocker?
Was that a playful like hull or more of an efficient tracker?

Dealer meet
The dealer meet for Point 65N is in October and we expect to hear more about this boat and a new tandem model then/after that. We do have the spec sheet and it definitely looks like a great addition to the Point 65N line.

  • Tom

    Virginia Sea Kayak Center

Rocker vs. Rocket
The Rocker has more rocker than the Rocket and is more playful. Still, it was less playful than I expected, maybe due to the hard chines. It had very good secondary as would be expected, but I felt it was a little twitchy in the primary. It was not as easy to turn as I expected it to be. I have not paddled a Rocket, so my comparison is to an Avocet which IMO is significantly more playful. Also, I paddled it for only about two hours in calm conditions.


Cool looking boat!