Point No Point, Puget Sound

Anybody here ever camp there before? I think I first learned about it in Joel Roger’s book. Half way between Fay Bainbridge and Port Townsend. Very tempting, like a ripe juicy plum. Police rustle you out in the middle of the night? Sounds like bivy sack territory. Among the logs. Seeking advice, suggestions, and general help.

From another site…

Are these campsites closed to kayak campers during the winter?

Does anyone care if campers stay and are low viz & low impact?

Re: [PSPN] Faye Bainbridge, Point No Point, Salsbury

Don’t know about Faye Bainbridge, but camping is officially not allowed at the other two. It’s hard to stay below the radar at Salsbury, the CMT cite closed a year or two ago. It is possible to set up after dark and leave early at Point No Point, but don’t count on it - since the County park opened next to it, cops have been patrolling it after dark, the park is closed at night. There is a “resort” next to Point No Point, you can camp there for a small fee, if you can find the steward, I suppose if you can’t find the steward, it’s free for all.

Another option you may consider is Hood Head. No, can’t do it legally, but it’s not usually patrolled because it’s really only accessible by water, and the few locals that there are probably will not care. It is rather exposed.

Otherwise the shoreline is not terribly hospitable, may be possible to pitch a tent at medium tide.

The light house at P.N.P. has rooms, and camp available, dosen’t it? I thought I read it in the Hansvill site very recently when I did a dy trip a few weeks ago at Hodd Canal.

Re: Faye Bainbridge, Point No Point, Salsbury

You can check with WA Water Trails at http://www.wwta.org. I don’t think Faye

Bainbridge is open but I know Salisbury is closed. Camping there would suck

anyway because you are almost directly under the Hood Canal Bridge. The

official park is closed to camping but Vadim told me about a place last year at

Point No Point. Right by an old boat launch just past the lighthouse. Big

white house that has a large garage immediately north of it with a short

concrete wall in front. It’s actually an RV camping park with two toilet/shower

facilities and water taps in back off of a road. Sharon is the very nice lady

who runs it and she charged us $12 to stay there on the grassy area between the

RV places and some cabins she rents in the summer. It was clean and quiet with a

nice sandy beach for landing. Cheers, Lisa

Still gathering info…


thanks for the good information
The “resort” next to Point No Point sounds like the ticket. The only problem is where to stay the first leg of the trip (paddling from Seattle to Port Townsend). Was hoping to stay at Fay Bainbridge, but yeah, it’s closed for the season. Would be arriving late enough that stealth camping is an option, but would prefer to avoid that. Open to any suggestions for that leg of the trip. Thanks chodups.