Pointy ends refurb

Suggestions would be appreciated.

…time to tackle the job to repair the pointy ends of this Explorer 16. It would be nice to blend in new ash. Perhaps thin laminations. There are many nice wood pieces in my scrap bucket.

It is only the wood that is worn (…ok, busted! lol). The composite is brute tough, not damaged. This is a Waitsfield MRC.

Always appreciate the skills and experience shared on this forum.

Thank you,
Mark L.

I’ve always found that I need to take the rails off before I can really assess what’s in need of repair, and how to go about it. It looks like the tips of both decks are getting black… that could be just dirt/debris, but it’s often an early sign of rot.

How’d the outwale get cracked there? But scarf joints for ends are always good, and if you can match the grain with the new piece, they’re even better.

It looks like it’ll be good for a few more paddle seasons, so I’d wait at least until winter before taking anything apart…

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Outwale smacked a dock. The damage started small and just slowly keeps growing. Scarfing in a new piece is probably the right thing to do. It won’t match though, because the rails are ash with walnut inlay (1995 Special Edition feature).

No rot anywhere, just Florida‘ s humid summer air and that what grows in it. Boat stored inside a screened, covered porch. Gets plenty of use. Once every year everything comes apart for water based Poly treatment. Exposed areas wiped, as needed, throughout the year. That’s when repairs to the pointy ends will happen. Pblanc recommended that Poly stuff on this Forum a few years ago. It has been very effective.

Thanks for your suggestion.

The color is very light for Walnut… maybe Butternut? And is it inlaid, or laminated, to the ash? Laminated would be a much easier grain match job than inlaid. I’m curious…

I’m familiar with Florida Summer Humidity… annual treatment is a great thing.

In any case, the woodwork looks very well done, as I’d expect from a Waitsfield MRC… love those boats!

The light color on the walnut/butternut could also be walnut after a lot of Florida sun exposure… got bleached out?