Poke Boats

I have tried a Micro Poke Boat before, it was very agile but small. I am looking for a kayak/canoe for fishing and duck hunting.

I am thinking about the Maxi Poke Boat for enough room to take my dog.

Any recomendations are appreciated.

Have you seen the CLC Millcreek
The Millcrrek line of boats are pretty much like a classic hunting boat and depending on what version you get you can take a dog, another person, or a lot of gear.http://www.clcboats.com/boats/millcreek.php

Dog fits great in 12’ Poke Boat
I have the traditional 12’ Poke Boat that I bought about 20 years ago. Doesn’t look like they’ve changed the design so it’s basically the same as what they are selling today. It fits a person and a medium size dog with no problems. Very stable. I’ve even hoisted the dog into the boat in the middle of the lake with no problems. My only complaint is the seat. It’s minimal I assume to keep the overall weight down but not comfortable if you are going to be in the boat for long periods of time.

Correct the seat needs a pad if your going to be in it for more than an hour.

Other than that you bassicly cant flip it and its so darn light.

The Old Town Pack canoe may be
a good choice. Light, stable, and should have enough room for at least a 70 lb dog.

Yes, padding is a great idea.
Thanks for bringing up the suggestion of padding. I do have the padded seat in my boat that Poke Boat sells as an accessory. It does make the seat a little more comfortable.