Polarized sun glasses

I just picked up a pair of good polarized glasses. I used them today for fishing and kayaking the Dupage river. I was missing a lot of wildlife without them. I was able to see hundreds of fish, including three Gar about two and a half feet long. Before today I could only see fish as they breach the water. Today I could see them in the holes, up against logs, in small schools, and darting about. I even watched as a two pound Bass took the bait.

Never go fishing without them.

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Even in deep water ocean fishing it lets you see fish better as they come to the net or gaff. In fairly shallow clear water, it is like looking at fish in clear air.

How much better polarized glasses enable you to see depends on sunlight angle and water clarity. Sometimes you can tilt your head sideways and increase how well you can see under the surface. Apparently the polarized lens reduces or eliminates light from one plane, and you want that to be the plane that glare from the water surface is reflecting in, if that makes any sense.

As to seeing fish take the lure or bait, the only problem is that I strike too soon sometimews when I see the fish open his mouth and appear to take rather than wait till I feel something. I have jerked a fly or lure out of a fish's mouth several times by seeing him rise to the take and reacting too soon. Fun to see the white inside a trout or salmon's mouth when he opens it to take a fly or lure. Just wait till he closes his mouth! On trout, I like to wait until he begins to turn his body down and away.

Been a user since the early 70’s.
The only way to fly with sunglasses. Polarized glasses also reduce other glare from the sun.

Only way to go
They are invaluable when fishing shallow water. I see tons of fish and it is a blast to watch them come to investigate your offering then suck it and wham!!! the fight is on.

Glass lenses rule.
I miss my old Nikons they were the most seemingly scratch proof shades I ever had. Revos suck for the money. It’s hard to find a real good pair for less than $150. or so. My Nikons flew off my face on the river cost about $180. Now I’m happy with a pair of Smiths in the $130. range. They are light weight for glass, Good U.V and I.R. protection and polarized of coarse. Bucci is good also but I haven’t found them in many years. Italian shades are like Italian. shoes, very good and very expensive.

Pay the price …
I’m very rough on sunglasses, so I normally don;'t spend more than $20 on a pair of polarized. However, my wife won a pair of Costa DelMar’s in a kayak fishing tournament, and is gracious enough to let me wear them on occasion. Seeing (the difference) is believing. I can’t shell out $160 for a pair of glasses, but maybe she’ll win me a pair this year. :slight_smile:

Haber (sells on-lin only) and Bolles
both have moderate priced sunglasses that are equal to Costa’s and Maui Jim’s. Don’t remember which, but one of those companies is owned by the same company that owns Ray Ban, still a good name in sunglasses.

Any decent pair will work.
You only have one pair of eyes so try to stay away from the really cheap ones even if they are polarized and all. The slight distortion from bad shades can cause headaches and fatigue.