poles. for kayak and canoes.

hi all.

i see them in natives kayak sites now and in some magazine…is there a lot off you that use pole insted off paddles.???

i gues its not all kayk and canoes that you can stand up and use them.

but it must be nice to be stand up…can see a lot farther and can do site fishing.


Two kinds of poles used
One is called a stake out pole. Those are usually arount 5-6 ft in length and used by saltwater bay fishermen to stick into the bay bottom in shallow water and tie off. In water less than 3 ft, it works better than an anchor. All sorts of material is used to build them. Some buy a cheap two piece pool cue at Wal Mart and use that, others buy very expensive poles made for that purpose.

Then, there are the poles used for poling canoes, especially. Those are usually at least 10ft long. Some build theirs from closet pole rods and put a copper or other material butt cap on the end that comes into contact with the river bottom. Mostly, those using poles for moving the canoe are canoeists. I guess you can do it from a stable sit on top kayak, but I doubt that you can from a sit inside. I know I don’t feel my Loon 138 is stable enough for standing and its difficult to find a more stable sit inside.


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for the..stake out pole. ..got one ..nice tools to have and an anker systems.

but i am more looking for that long pole..the 10 to 13 foot pole to pole canoe or some kayak around..

they do look neet to see and interrsthing..for sight fishing..like fly fishing etc.

thanks for the comment yak-canfish

for kayak or should i say canoe poling...

look here on this site...


go at the'''MEDIA'''

then tips and techn...then jan and feb video.


The NW Ultimate is an ideal
poling boat. There are lots who pole canoes on p.net for fun. You might ask on the advice board, weird though they may be. I’ve not seen the poling paddle before.

I did quite a bit of poling in my Discovery 158 canoe last summer. It was a blast and the view standing is really great. Its also not all that difficult from a stability standpoint, though poling from a kayak would probably be a little harder. It definitley takes some practice, but lots of fun. I used a 13ft “bamboo” pole from the grove in my backyard. The pole also works great as a paddle when you need it. I found an old Red Cross guide that covered poling. Academy Sports sells a 12ft collapsable pole that works well, its just heavy. good luck!