I’m always finding myself in shallows needing to push myself along in water way too shallow to paddle.

I feel guilty using my Werner Camano for poling or my good wooden paddle, so I’m wondering what folks use for a pole… a broom stick or something more elegant.

I kinda like stading up in my canoe so I can see stuff in turbid water too, and polling is a great way to stretch my legs if I’m tired of just sitting and paddling.

I have an aluminum pole which is light strong and noisy. I also have one made from a closet pole http://www.brockeng.com/AmusingRaven/pole.htm. It’s a little heavy, not quite as stiff, and much quieter.

12’ long x 1 1/8 " diameter seems just right to me.


Like Tommy Says
That is th plan I used to build a new pole. The bolt end grabs the bottom amazingly well. Good poles can take some time to find at our local home centers. Twelve foot works better than the 10 footer for me.

We’ve had high water all spring and summer here so I’ve only poled a couple of times.

Be careful and have fun!

You might also do a search here for “poling”. There have been a few threads.

I just
made the pole that Tommy described. It was a fast build but is a bit heavy to other poles I’ve tried. But to get you out trying to pole, it works just great.