Been reading all the archived posts about poling and looking at the pic links people have provided. You guys got me interested in trying it, and if anyone else is interested I just found a copy of “Paddle, Pole & Portage” by Bill Riviere on ebay real cheap, and there are several copies left if anyone is looking for a copy.

Grab a Stick and Go
I’m sure that the book will make a great intro, but poling is, in my opinion, primarily about personal experience.

Start on some relatively calm and shallow water and go from there. Try everything.

My best poling advice is “Keep your head over your balls and think like a hula dancer”

I am ready to give it a try, but I think I will wait for the water to get a little warmer. Guess I will try to fashion one of those Home Depot poles, I would like to find a piece of suitable bamboo and try that, but wouldnt know where to find a suitable one.