Polishing up Polyethlene

I have a Liquid Logic Airhead, Its scratched and I would like to clean it up.

I am tempted to use some Brasso to buff out some of the light scratches, in order to restore some of the lustre in the boat.

Has anyone any experience in restoring the plastic in these kayaks?


Craig Jones

Wipe it down with 303 makes it look new. Forget the scratches, that just part of using the kayak. Very time you use it you’ll find a new scratch. I’ll clean up the edges of a scratch with a knife to get a burr off.

I second the 303
It not only adds a luster, but gives it some UL protection.

The secret to using it is to get a good wife, and then there is no work involved in putting it on!!




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Sorry guys - whats is 303?

Sounds like an American product? I am based in the UK, any thoughts as to where I might get me some?



** Scrap that last message**

I have just found some - http://www.wwc.co.uk/acatalog/copy_of_CARE_AND_REPAIR.html

Thanks again guys.

oily feel
IMO a boat with a good dose of 303 will feel quite oily and first time you put it in the water it will all wash off and end up in the stream.

The oily surface will also attract dust, if you don’t rinse it off in the stream.

IMO a waste of good 303. save it for your drysuit seals and dash board.


Back it up, flatpick. Show us that you
know what you are talking about. Otherwise…

Works fine…

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Yeah...I've used 303 on plenty of kayaks over the last 10 years....and it does NOT wash right off. Reapply it every so often and it works great. I used to touch up my old plastic kayaks once a month or so. Worked fine.

Don’t waste your time
Trying to remove scratches on a poly boat is pointless. It’s nearly impossible to eliminate them and it’s just going to get scratched up again the first time you use it. It’s the nature of the beast. Just paddle it and forget about the scratches.

I’ll back up Steves comments
303 is good only for storing a boat and protecting it from UV. Like Armor All the boat will look great until you use it. It will immediatly wash off and leave a visible slick on the water. If used inside the boat it is very slippery and leaves a milky white puddle wherever it collects with water.

The statement does not need backing up…any idiot can test this for his or herself in two seconds with a spray bottle of 303 and some water.

303 is not some magic potion. It is used for UV protection when the boat is off the water.

I use it only to protect the expensive rubber hatch covers on my kayak. I do not put it on my boat. In fact I bought some to try on my boats but ended up using it on my truck because it dose work better than Armor All on the dachboard, Lasts longer and doesn’t dry out as fast.

I hope you and Steve …
got your money back!

It is one hundred percent guaranteed “when used as directed”.

Spraying it on and then washing it off while it is still wet is not following the directions.

I’ll keep using it as directed since it has done a fine job for our composite as well as plastic boats and accessories.



I don’t spry it on and wash it off

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and I also won't waste my time sprying it on after paddling. My boats are all stored inside out of the sun. I use this very easy to use product once a year (on composite boats only)and it lasts all year,


it is not a wax...try it you'll like it. a quart lasts forever. Do your car too you will be amazed.

As you can see in this photo water hates this stuff. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b315/Indy425/different%20stuff/Kinzuakayaktrip034sm.jpg

My windshield backs him up too.
I used the 303 sparingly and wiped it off as/ directions, then loaded the boat on my racks. A small shower overnight deposited a gunky slick on my windshield that would not come off for weeks. Apparently, it likes glass better than poly. I do use it to protect from uv in storage, as my kayak is never indoors. It’s good, but it’s not miraculous.

just paddle
Don’t worry about the scratches on it. it is just plastic. Go out and paddle it and don’t worry about it.

303 adds UV protection when the kayak is in the sun…I likely wouldn’t bother with it though. Just go paddling and have fun.

Cheers…Joe O’

I have never seen a 303 slick after
application. I will have to try to find a way to duplicate that.

The 303 instructions CLEARLY say it is supposed to be buffed down. If that is done, it will not feel oily.

That 303 does not wash off in water is shown by the dull zones seen on the hull where spots were missed, after one takes the boat out of the river and puts it on the car.

Personally, I like the application characteristics of Armorall a little better. It sets to a dry film without buffing. But I suspect that 303 has a higher degree of UV protection.

For boat speed, you don’t want wax
or any other product which “sheds” water droplets. Sounds like a great product for boats on the rack, though.

Well that’s up to you
Hard to demonstrate on a kayak but a waxed speed boat will pick up as much a 10 mph after a good waxing. You’re not one of those guys who rough sands his boat are you?

You challenged flatpick on 303 so I’ll challenge you to prove that waxing slows a boat down.

They can be smoothed or reduced
with a hot iron. A tedious procedure, though, and one wonders whether the differential heating of the plastic leaves it susceptible to tearing or cracking.

John winters has published
that waxing does slow kayaks down.

My owners manual says use Armour All
Nova Craft recommends it for their Royalex hulls. Works for me too.

I used to use 303 religiously
A sales rep at Canoecopia gave me a spec sheet on McNett UV Tech and convinced me to try it. I have put a coat on all my boats but haven’t used them enough to really comment on the stuff. The spec sheet claims UV Tech will not wash off like 303 and Armour All. I’ll let you al kow after it is throughly tested.