Poll: Renata or Freya

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One vote Freya...

http://www.tiny.cc/Hwnpb (Renata)


Ah’s like ta have…

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both o' dem. Greedy varmint, ain't ah'. Probably kill me in 5 minutes, but wat a way ta go.

Fat Elmo

Grayhawk, you are such a pig!

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Reducing women to the status of object. Have you no decency? Have you no shame?

(One vote for Renata.)

The Trials And Tibulations…
of putting yourself on the internet. You become a fantasy “piece” for folks who have no clue about you except for some pics and benign writings.

We love/adore/lust/stalk after our celebrities.


And I thought they were places (nm)

You never played Ginger or Mary Ann? :slight_smile:

Mrs. Howell
Damn, ah’s really be gittin’ old…

Fat Elmo


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Not sure Freya plays for the correct team to be considered in this theoretical contest. No offense intended, just going by the photo gallery and the "about Freya" section.

Is this like Xena and Gabriel?

Write in for Caroline …

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If Freya could do that I'd vote for her (Sie ist ziemlich heiss, meine meinung nach).

oh yes, Caroline is it
great post.


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I sure did. I guess I put them in a separate category as big media celebrities who knew or got to know the potential downside to being media celebrities.

Last year, there was an article with the local tv news women. Each one had reported having been or are currently stalked by whackos out there.

I wonder whether these two who still "walk among mortals" know what they have gotten themselves into... They have better start hiring themselves some serious personal security consultants if this keeps up... Hope they have the money to do it with.

I won't even get into my concerns with teens and what they set themselves up for in internet sits like "MyPlace.com"


Great waveskiing by all.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

no vote because:
Greg S. is bigger and stronger than me and I just bought Hoffmeister’s trolley and am biased,

and no vote for Renata because after seeing her this past February biking the kayak in the Cape Canaveral area I could see she was stronger than me.

Well, That’s Cool…

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either way, some unsuspecting fool could get a buttkicking...


going to meet Freya
Just signed in for her rolling lesson in a few weeks (-:

I’ve met her.