Poll: What Should My Paddle Length Be?

Simply answer in centimeters please.

I am 6 ft tall or maybe even 6 ft 1.

boat: Necky Chatham 16 sea kayak, 22 inches wide

paddling: open water and a little rough water paddling in Lake Michigan. paddles up to 8 hours in a day.

stroke: more of a high angle I would say

age: 24

thank you for your participation!

Long enough to reach the blades.

Long enough to smack g2d for that
first response.

Not all 220s are created equal so try out those of differnt makers.If your angle is high, get a blade size and shape designed for tht.

Paddle length
Go to the Werner Paddles web site. They have a fit guide that is easy to understand. Vaughn Fulton

Variable Shaft

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I think Werner also has a variable shaft paddle that stretches from 215 up to 230 and anywhere in between.

Here's a link to the fit guide:


here’s an article
Here’s an article I came across on how to choose a paddle:


I’d say 215 or 220 if you are using a high angle stroke. I’m 6’-1", have an NDK boat that’s about the same width and use either a 215 Lendal crankshaft or 220 straight shaft. I wouldn’t want the 215 crank any longer but haven’t tried a 215 straight.

if the blades are short and the shaft is short they won’t reach. But if the blades are long and the shaft is long they’ll get in the way of each other.

but don’t spend a lot of money, Aquabound would be a fine choice. If you have to ask then you’re still looking. If you’re still looking and want to spend a lot of money check out the Epics with adjustable length/angle ferrule.

If you don’t have a spare paddle then you might consider this purchase the first of two with the second being “the” paddle.

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By the way, this is the paddle I am going to buy, just trying to decide on the length. http://www.carlislepaddles.com/product/kayak_paddles/magic_fiberglass.aspx

thanks so far!

I am the same height and paddle both
a Nordkapp 21" and an Avocet 22" on a regular basis. If you have a true high angle stroke and paddle with the high angle stroke and not touring I would recommend a 215cm shaft. I paddle both a Werner and Lendal. My .02.

Pacific Designs
They’re a site sponsor. I had them make a custom paddle for me that adjusted to two different lengths and feathers. One for lillydipping and one for pouring it on. Worked pretty good until I busted it on a rock (a specific thing that was recognized as a risk by me before PD made the paddle - should not reflect on the manufacturer but on the nature of my abuse).

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Your choices with that paddle are 210, 220 or 230. I’d go for 220 in that, but just like kayaks it’s best to demo a paddle first (not that I’ve often done that). Lendal, Werner and others make paddles in 215 as well and you might compare their similar paddles in both lengths.

Agree with kkayak.
Nigel Foster is 6 foot 2 inches and uses a 216cm paddle for his 21 inch beamed Legend.

215cm most common
These days, most dedicated paddlers of sea kayaks I know who are 5’10-6’2" paddle using 215 paddles.

I’m 6’ and usually paddle either my Romany or Aquanaut when using s Euro at 215.

Just a few years ago the most common may have been 220.

When I started people of these heights were often using 230s.

Overall height means nothing
How long is your torso? How broad are your shoulders.

You need to realize how much more important these two factors are compared to whether you have a 30 inch or 36 inch inseam. If you have long legs and a short torso, you’ll want a short paddle. If you have a long torso, it doesn’t matter how many times a 210cm shaft is recommended, you’ll need a longer paddle to achieve the correct grip width. 230 cm for a high angle bent shaft paddle could be a correct answer.

15 miles a day on weekends

paddle length
short video on paddle sizing


The two designers of your boat paddle 210 cm Lendals.