Poly Composite Surf Boat

Mega is coming out with some thing new, in addition to their poly Xray model from last year.


I keep getting told that poly won’t fly by various folks who “know” the industry. Guess no one has told Mega that a poly boat won’t fly.

If the price comes as relatively low as some are suggesting… Wow, there is going to be more surf boats ripping on the beaches. :slight_smile:

thumbs up to Mega.


The more of these kinds of kayaks that get out on the market, the more surf kayaking will become more popular. (Plus there will be more used boats to choose from when I do end up buying a surf yak.) I really wish I lived closer to Lake Michigan (1 hour away from surf).

So many boats…
so little garage space

wife is losing patience too I think…

Looks pretty cool though.

I am torn too
between buying a white water or a surf boat. Trying to decide which to buy. I can surf badly with a white water boat, or white water badly in a surf boat. But right now I can’t afford both.

definitely get a whitewater boat
You can surf with a dedicated whitewater boat but you really can’t run whitewater with a dedicated surf boat. Some whitewater boats are better suited for waves than others Riot boats (some even come with detachable fins) and the Necky Jive are pretty good.