Poly fade

Is there any way to restore the shine to a poly hull that’s faded due to sun?

Thxs, al

303 is your best bet.

You choice.
I’ve been in factories where they use heat to bring luster to plastics.



Is there already too much damage?
I’d be concerned that UV damage might have compromised the integrity of the plastic, which is a real danger with rotomolded polyethylene boats. Check on that before relying on products to make it shine better!

Mequire’s Marine Wax

I panicked! Turns out it’s not badly faded as it appeared in the pic. But I’ll try to give more shine .

Quick & easy

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1. Apply coat of 303.
2. Get boat out of the sun & keep it out of the sun; except for transport & actual usage.
3. Repeat 1, and 2 after usage.


P.S. The hard way: Cover boat in duct tape; reapply as necessary. :^)

Duct tape? Do you mean Canadian chrome?

I’ m wondering if fiberglass restorer or trisodium phosphate would work?

Compounding a Poly Boat?
I never even thought of it, but could you compound and polish a poly boat with the same stuff you’d use for gelcoat? Does anyone have any experience with this?

I’ve used 3M products on thermoplastic (Imperial compound and Finesse polish), and the results have been as good as on gelcoat, but poly is quite a bit softer. I’m sure you could brighten the color by compounding it (which removes material), but you may not be able to get as much of a shine with finishing polish as you would on gelcoat. For one thing, you may not be able to get sufficient rpms without the risk of melting the poly.

Intriguing. I’m going to experiment this weekend on an old WW kayak.

I don’t think it will work
Rubbing out some types of paint, you’re removing the oxidized outer layer, to reveal a fresh layer of color. With sun faded poly, isn’t it usually faded right on through… with nothing fresh to reveal?

what kind of 303
what kind of 303? Is this it?


Austin Kayak also lists 303 Kayak Protection but its 19.99 instead of 9.95. Is it the same thing and they just added the word kayak to the description or a different product?