Poly Food Boxes

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I would like to pick up one of those plastic/poly food boxes and liners for my canoe trips this summer, but, I don't want to pay $100 plus dollars. Does anyone know where I might pick one up used? Any other ideas on where to get a cheaper one?

Any help is appreciated.

low budget options
Do you have a cat?

Cat litter is available in square 4-5 gallon pails with snap on lids. Depending on what you use for a pack, 1-2 of them will fit inside, another option is to use a small rectangular plastic trash can (cut off the rim), the only downside is no lid.


#4 Pack and Rubbermaid Box
Used this before, barely fits, but this keeps the lid in place. I am interested in Scott’s idea, though. Need to find a cat owner to give me a couple of these to try. WW

closd cell
Any of the above will work. What you might do to kep food fresh longer is get a rubbwermaid or such and line it with a cut up closed cell sleeping pad. Glue it to the inside sides and bottom snuggly and then glue a piece of the pad to the inside of the top. Throw in some food and milk jug filled with ice and off you go.

Ammo cans
I use big Ammo cans, paint the inside white. They are cridder proff and float


5 gallon bucket & gamma seal

Works for me.

I have a couple of those plastic storage boxes, they fit in the canoe nicely and keep every thing dry. one for equiptment and one for food