Poly Nordkapp

I currently have a poly Tempest 170 which is a little too big for me. I end up doing far more day tripping (2-3 days out max) and am thinking of trading in for a snugger boat for my size (5’10" 170). I’ve demoed Avocets and Tempest 165s, among others. I recently demoed the new Nordkapp LV which I really liked though the cost and wait time may rule that out at this point. I heard that the poly Nordkapp is smaller than its glass cousin, maybe closer to the Norkapp LV version. Anyone have experience with it? Any other recommendations for demoing? Thx

From a previous post
Someone from Valley commented that the poly version will be sized between the glass regular & LV. Perhaps when hell finally does freeze over, they will update their website to provide more information. Don’t hold your breath.

Maybe poly Aquanaut (LV)?
Peter Orton did state here that the poly Nordkapp would be between the size of the H2O and LV.

The new Valley boats seem to be trickling in. So, who knows when you might actualy get access to a poly Nordkapp.

In the meantime RM Aquanauts have been around for about a year and most I’ve spoken to like them. What was simply the poly 'naut in 2005 is now the RM Aquanaut LV.

The printed Valley catalogue lists the RM 'kapp as the same size as the H2O. However, we know from Sea Kayaker’s test of the Nordkapp LV & H2O, that Valley stated measures are not particularly accurrate.

I suppose being it took Valley 35 years to mount a web site, updating it may be too much to expect. The site does not even include the info that became available last August on the new models. Orton has been promising that the site would be updated shortly for more months than I care to count.

I have a 2006 Valley catalogue

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Although they list the poly Aquanaut in both LV and HV models, they only list the poly Nordkapp as one model at 18', 21" beam, 14" depth and 56 lbs.

I just purchased the RM Aquanaut LV which is 17'1", 22", 13 1/2" and 55 lbs. (feels heavier to me). As a basis of comparison, to me the Aquanaut LV is snugger than the Tempest 170 and a shade roomier than the Tempest 165.

A Nordkapp LV will be available in composite.

The 2006 catalogue
has been somewhat available as a PDF since August 2005. When I received the hardcopy last month, it seemed there were no revisions/corrections in the model information.

Traditionally, Valley boats weigh more than the stated weight per model. Their measures tend to be different than stated as well. This is not unique to Valley.

force 4
Try an Impex Force 4

They probably
used the same plug to have the rotational mold made. There is shrinkage that occurs with poly boats, so the poly version will indeed be smaller all round…if they did as I suspect.

They will do a good job, but I say go with a composite Nordy.

based on a flatwater demo day

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the Aquanaut RM LV is a really sweet boat. I liked the Impex Force 4 also (actually, I only recall trying a couple of boats I DIDN'T like)but not nearly as well as the 'naut.

They apparently aren't kidding about the LV, I had a bit more interference getting my size 10 1/2 s under the deck than the other stuff I've tried. comfortabe though, and easy enough to get out of.