Poly/wool dual layer - Duofold Thermax?

-- Last Updated: Sep-23-07 7:17 PM EST --

Some background, then questions about Duofold Thermax poly/wool dual layer?

This is for under a dry suit. I've done well with the basic lightweight Duofold 100% poly underlayers in 50F water. The stuff you find at GI Joes for $15. In 60F air, 50F water, I wear one shirt, one pants, so two shirts will get me through a weekend with a fresh shirt each day. I've stood in water that way and felt coolness but done fine for 1.5 hrs giving roll lessons (so some exertion.) In 40F air I put on a second lightweight poly shirt.

In 45F water I need something more. I think most would recommend 200 wt fleece if going synthetic, but I don't see it in crew neck long sleeve. Just T neck.

What about this mid-weight Duofold Thermax poly/wool dual layer? Great sale! Anyone try it? How thick is it? How does it compare in warmth to the basic lightweight Duofold poly (only reference I have) and 100 wt and 200 wt fleece (neither of which I've tried, but only read about)? http://tinyurl.com/22a6es

Here's all the mid-weight layers from campor. http://tinyurl.com/3c8dcx

And expedition (heavy?) weight. http://tinyurl.com/2gpwjw

What else do you like here? Is the Duofold 615 poly/wool any better than the thermax?

I find the poly does pick up stink but leaves _me_ smelling fresh once I take it off. I wonder if it acts like an odor eater and would leave _me_ fresher than wool would? Wool wearers will probably shoot this hypothesis down ;-).

As long as I have two sets of poly, it will last me the weekend, or I can wash and rotate if base camp and not expedition paddling, as I've done for a week of day trips from a base camp.

I will try the Icebreaker wool eventually, but looking to extend the poly collection for now ;-).


Ordered mid weight Thermax shirt, and mid weight Veritherm pants. Thermax pants were out of stock in large.