Poly WW Canoes?

I’m not into WW(above class 1or2) but one day I was looking down from my freightliner at what looked like two poly canoes, going up to Jim Thorpe for a run down the river.

Their were two of them on top of a car,Both appeared to be made entirly out of poly, like most of my kayaks.Definatly WW canoes;Lots of rocker,tumberhone sides,open tops and air bags.

They appeared to be one solid peace of rotomolded plastic,no wood or metal gunnals.The bow and stern deck looked like it was just one big mold with the hull.

I wish I could have pulled over behind them, just for curiosity sake to see what kind of canoes those two Jersey boys had.But I couldnt.

I greatly appreciate the smart a… answers on this one.I know my eyes arn’t nearly as good as they once were.But what did I see?



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Could have been some Esquif canoes in Twin-Tex


Or some Spanish Flies.


perhaps they were l’Edges?


Or spanish Fly’s


guessing the decked l’edge
judging by your description. Esquif prelude is also P.E. but lacks the decks.


Yep that’s what it looked like.


It’s something thats been bugging me for a little while now .

been buggin’ me, too

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as the darn things are around 2 grand, and you're s'posed to beat the snot outta' them. I'm a tightwad, though, and I heard they basically make everything a class easier. I think my boats make everything a class harder, or maybe it's just me ;-).

WOW !!
2 grand!!!

I guess I’ll just keep wondering then.

No sence in even goung out to Marysville to try and paddle one.

I could always beat the snot out of the scanoe up at my cabin and lash in a few innertubes.

tried one
Demoed one about a month ago on the Nantahala. Very stable and dry.

I felt it was quite slow (to be expected) moving upstream or against any current. It didn’t feel particularly edgy at all.

Overall my impression was so-so because I like quicker and edgier boats, but I didn’t feel great that day due to bad allergies. Also, the NOC demo boat had the pedestal glued in off center, so that there was insufficient room on one side for my foot to slide back off between the foot pad and the foam on the side wall. Since there is no quick release on a bulkhead, this was an entrapment hazard that precluded the use of one foot brace.

I might try it again in a day or two if NOC has done something to remedy the problem with the demo boat.