Poly Yak Lettering Paint?

Hi, Have to stencil letter/number some new poly yaks for a non-profit I volunteer with. Anyone find a good spray or brush-on paint that seems to last other than the plastic furniture spray paint in Lowes? Thanks, Rick

Krylon Fusion
Wal-Mart…let the paint cure in the sun for a few days…once cured it’s pretty tough…

Made for plastic.

(Trick is…use a HAZE…don’t paint a thick layer as that will flake…once you begin spraying use just a light covering to do the job).

Stickers are another option …

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..... just saying that might be less mess and work for you . Having to tape off surrounding area for spray painting and the general painting proceedures and clean ups , plus the supplys , arranging the stencil templates , work area considerations , etc. , is more involved than stickers ..

Stickers come in various sizes , colors and it's basically , "peel and stick" ... Most all power boats use stickers in salt water enviroments , so you can imagine how durable they are .

Besides that , a good template is a stick on type that peels off when removed , so no paint runs behind the template ..

If stickers , just wipe / prep. the area to sterilize as much as possible first .. look how well those auto license plate stickers hold up and stay stuck , that's a gov. super sticker , lol ...

That’s the ticket
I think it’s called Painter’s Touch …

at Home Depot too, advice above about several light coats and curing is good too. It will wear off, but lasts pretty well.

Thanks for the tips - Picked up a can
of the krylon today and think I’ll use it for the org lettering and decals for the numbers so I can adjust them if needed. Like the mist or thin coat tip too. Thanks, Rick