polyethylene canoe

I just purchased a polyethylene old town canoe.I looked it over at the store and it seemed fine, and the people were really nice.But when I got it home and was looking it over I noticed on the inside of the canoe certain areas were kind of bumpy, every thing seems solid and theyre are no cracks. Is this just something from when the product was in its liquid

stage being molded, or is it a defect that will give me trouble on down the line? The outside of the canoe is fine.

lots of poly canoes
have a pebbly feel…some look like sand inside. Bumps are actually good.

The inside of a plastic boat can be mighty slick.

Just rub the inside with fish oil.
The Omega-3 fatty acids will smooth those wrinkles in no time.

I know a fella that 303’ed
the inside of his boat(to keep it purty).


one of our Old Town canoes …
… is polyethylene 3 layer , not smooth on the inside like the outside . The model is the Expedition 169 .

It has a light bumpy texture to the inside , I believe all the polyethylene Old Towns I have seen look the same texture wise inside . As said above , I agree it is the roto mould procees that causes this , and I believe it’s a good thing .

Not being able to acually see your new canoe , I would believe it is fine and correct like it should be , but why don’t you go back and look at some other Old Town polyethylene canoes for comparison sake , and to remove any remaining concerns .

Great canoes I think , strong , stable and dependable 1st time every time … what model did you get ??

Good started canoe
When my family got into canoeing we had a disco 174 and a 169. Those canoes are sturdy, a bit on the heavy side. I am guessing the bumps you are mentioning are in bow or the stern. It most likely come from the molding process. Rx canoes sometimes have those wrinkles too. We you tie down you canoe on the car do not over pull the bow and the stern ropes, it will distort the canoe and when you add the sun to it it will take a set. The result will be a wavy bottom that some also called oil caning. Have fun paddling!(canoeing)

Yours is a Discovery 169
There is no model called Expedition per se.

And I for sure would not want to portage it.

Roughness inside is a hallmark of poly canoes.

As I live near Old Town I must have seen a couple thousand Discos.

model is called Expedition , kayamedic

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...... it has Old Town , Expedition written on it .

Originally purchased a Disco from Bass Pro in 2006 , but felt it had a problem with not being true in symmetry after several times on water . Gave notice of this to Bass Pro and was told I may exchange it when and if I wish . Got this in writing as they did not have another I was happy with in stock at the time . I had loaded the canoe and transported it back to Bass Pro with intention of exchange , but ended up not taking it off the truck . I had also talked to Old Town about the canoes condition and they told me they would stand behind it and Bass Pro will exchange it when I'm ready .

The canoe had a slight twist end to end apparently from cooling to quickly . This was always having to be countered when paddling . A twist is easy to determine with a string attached bow to stern and measurements taken from string to gunnels each side (wish I had thought of this testing method the first time , but did do this test to each replacement canoe offered me thereafter) . My Disco canoe was also beginning to oil can early in it's life and that progressively got worse after my first attempt to exchange .

The 2nd time I went back to exchange the canoe a year had passed . I called Bass Pro to inform of my intentions and they said come on in they have several in stock , so I loaded up .

I was not satisfied with the one on the floor and they went to a storage facility near by and brought me back (in a box truck) 3 more to choose from . I checked all 3 (the bubble wrap had to be removed) ... I chose the 2nd one because it looked and measured out perfect .

The letters on these canoes say Expedition , and have more of an arch to the haul bottom than my Disco did . The seats have slighly different placement , and this canoe will only very slightly oil can when the weather and water are very hot , but not otherwise .

It's probably a Disco with some special considerations made exclusively for Bass Pro Shops ??

This is an excellent canoe , and I appreciate the little extra weight of the haul , for what I do , I need tough and brutal without any second thoughts of compromise . Who cares about portaging , this isn't a class 3-4 WW canoe , it's a river work horse used for fishing and getting through the occasional 30" wave train .

Paddled solo I can sit in the stern seat same as tandem and make it dance to my commands ... when I go by all you see is a flash of light and visual trails , I think it's nimble and fast enough for me .

Also have a Royalex Old Town that's 16'-10" , similar volumn and haul , it's nice too .

I think pilotwingz is right this canoe was probably made for Bass pro shops.Gander mountain has the Kay-noe version,but they are Old town canoes.Im pretty sure these boats are distributed by Johnson outdoors

which bought Old town.Pretty cool the way Bass took care of you.