Just curious how the Old Town Loon Polylink material holds up over time versus the polyethelyne boats with regard to scratches, bumping into rocks, etc.



My Sense Is…
that it will hold up longer than you will keep the boat. I was pretty impressed with the plastic on Loon 138. It was pretty stiff stuff.


I have to agree with sing…
I have 2 boats in polylink, a loon 138 and a guide 147. tough stuff that can really take alot of abuse

I have the same 2 boats. Very tough stuff. And good looking too.

Since y’all, yes Texas, own poly boats maybe you can give me insight or technique on putting d-rings on this type of material?

I’ve heard that you need to heat it up with a flame and use polyurathane resin to get it to work and that stiil might not hold permanently?

Thanks and God Bless. Dwayne

have an entire fleet of OT’s made from the stuff. It ain’t the lightest stuff on earth, but it stands up to abuse better than anything I’ve seen. As for sticking D-rings to it, Old Town sells a resin that might do the trick, but I would recommend contacting them for the best info. We have always riveted on any accesories, but I’ve never tried to put thigh sraps or D-rings on one.

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Check out OT's website they have something on there about "polarizing" the poly before applying epoxy to make it stick. Polarize with a propane torch?