Polylink3 dates??

Does anyone know when Old Town switched from Polylink3 to the single layer Poly on the Cayuga 146? 2007,2008?


Don’t know, but
Why not call, or email OT and get it straight from the horse’s mouth?

2006 OT brochure notes
“New for 2006-Cayuga Touring Kayaks” and they were "Variable Layer Polyethylene.

In the 2007 brochure, the Variable Layer is shown having and outer ‘structural layer’, then a center ‘foam layer for buoyancy and stiffness’, with a final ‘Inner structural layer’.

As far as I can see in the literature I have, none of them were noted as ‘PolyLink3’ per say.

Hope this helps.

BTW, PolyLink3 is a tad heavier than what is used in the Cayuga line.