Polyureathane seat

has anyone out there ever used 2 part polyureatahne foam to make a seat.

Make a solid foam barrier front and back.

Apply wax paper to hull

tape down place front and back form in with tape

Cut a piece of wax paper to cover area

mix and pour foam in

cover with wax paper.

Sit down with lycra shorts.

Let it harden.

get out let it cure

take it out trim and sand.

glue velcro on boat and seat,

Any one ever try this

what type of foam to use?

thanks Dan

Won’t work
When you sit on the uncured goo you will simply sink to the bottom.

The stuff gets hot while it hardens too - you’ll char your cheeks.

Just get a chunk of minicell and start carving. Easier, lighter, less messy.

And---- you’ll end up with a part open
cell foam, won’t you?

LeeG has done a few of these
Your best bet is to use a garbage bag, rather than waxed paper. That way, the foam can’t leak out and cause a problem. Lee reported that the foam does get pretty warm, but not enough to burn you, especially if you’re wearing neoprene shorts or other layers that provide some insulation. Remember, you need to wear the thickest layers that you use for paddling, otherwise the seat will be too tight when you put them on later.

Another option based on this method is to use it in a cardboard box to create a negative mold of your butt. From there, you can create a plaster of Paris or fiberglass positive mold that can be used for creating multiple fiberglass seats.

Dan, the foam does not rise as well into

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spaces as you would think either.

Synapsized sand box details:

Make a box in the hull or on flat ground and place wet sand in it to the height you want the seat, sit down and you + a helper pack the damp sand all around you ... Swipe it as fair as you can on top to the depth you want it. Helper helps you get out gently. Use sand and hand to fair / fill and shape anything that might not be perfect. Make your seat or basis for seat mold.

Another way ... Make a flat seat "pan" from the bottom of the hull either in or EZer >> outside from a few plys of glass ... Bond your regular seat to this. This will fit the hull and be EZ to adjust fore / aft ... even side to side. This is how I was doing the seats on the Tidelines. ... Call me if you want more details and my .02 on velcro.