Pongo 120 used value

Can anyone shoot me a ballpark on what a used Pongo 120 would go for? Just trying to see if it is in my budget.


"Rule of thumb"
The rule of thumb I learned here at P-Net is as follows.

A one year old kayak in nice shape would be about 1/3 off of the new price. So a $1,500 kayak one year old would sell for $1,000

A 2 year old kayak would be about 1/2 off of list price, so a $1,500 kayak would sell at 2 years old for about $750.00

After 2 years old, condition is the determining factor. I have seen some 4 year old kayaks like brand new, and would bring a good price.

A lot also depends on how badly the seller wants to sell, or how badly the buyer wants to buy.

The above formula worked for me the last kayak I sold.

Good Luck!

just like he said, it depends
Condition of boat, conditions of finances of seller and buyer, and so on.

I have a book somewhere at home, I’ve had it since before I was born. I understand it might retail for $450.00 if I could find the right buyer. Chances are it would cost me quite a bit of time and effort to search out that right buyer, and I wouldn’t want to sell it just to sell it!

My once a long time ago new van was a demo model before I bought it, technically it was used but came with most of the perks of a new car. It came pre-scratched and still smelling new and for a few thousand dollars less. Now it has kayak scratches on it. How bad I would have felt if I’d put the first scratches on it? It also was subjected to my former roommate the BritBrat’s Dogs and his Pony as well.

A new Pungo 140 goes for $775.00 normally. I paid $399 new for my Pungo Classic 12 3 years ago.