Pont 65 kayaks

Any one seen/paddled any of these boats nice looking?

any feed back would be great


how about delta kayaks??

any feedback

Point 65 can’t be to bad
If Nigel foster in on board with them

Seen up up at waterwalkers
place in Main but that was 7 years ago.

Good basis, and I’m sure they’ve moved on and up.

Here in Denmark, the Point65 kayaks used to(5-6 years ago) be sold through an outdoor chain. We always concidered them slightly below average kayaks. Too much volume, low quality rudders/control, layup sloppy. They were cheap though as they were build in Estonia.

Then a couple a years ago they came up with the more sexy XP-model, improved on quality and boosted the price. It’s my impression they decided to rebrand as a high quality product.

What to think of their current models? Stuff like racing kayak cuts in the front deck, double day hatches, skeg&rudder(KS navigator even!) reminds me of a ‘pimp my kayak’ competition. Still I could imagine many paddlers would be attracted to such features - more is better.

This came out very negative which wasn’t my intention. The Point65 kayaks are neither good or bad kayaks - just average.


I liked them
nice finish, tracked well but the keyhole cockpit was tricky to get in (I am 6’ 190 lb), but that was when I would put my but in first, legs hanging on either side, and then bring in both legs “at the same time”. Now I insert one leg, drop my but in and then bring my other leg in, for that entry the cockpit may not be a problem.

where/how did you demo it?

have you seen any at retailers?

The one I paddled
at the WCSKS last year was a bit “tender” for me (I’m old) and took forty acres to turn around. Nice looking boat though.