Pontiac Vibe factory rack

I am looking for other Pontiac Vibe owners with factory roof racks to see what kind of kayak racks they have been able to mount to it.Both the Thule hullaport and the Malone autoloader had nuts or brackets that fit so tightly under the factory cross bar that it would scratch or dent the car. I know I can spend an extra $150-250 for Thule or ? crossbars but added to the cost of the autloader it gets pretty pricey.

Thanks in advance,Tim

I rented one…
I rented a Vibe on a trip to Michigan, and really was impressed with the little bugger. Having two kayaks, I had one thought… would having yaks up there mess with the roof mounted radio antenna? Whoever designed that was clearly not a paddler!

Vibe antenna
The antenna easily unscrews leaving a base that is below the roof rack and yes its been a pretty cool car and holds loads of stuff.

Is that Vibe really a Toyota Matrix with another logo glued on? Sure looks like a Matrix.

yup same car,
diffrent badges and skirting.

I like mine.

To get the span for a long boat I would try www.kayakpro.com and their eezee extend system.

Yakima history
I think I’ve had different Yakima towers for at least three different cars. By the time we purchased our Vibe…we could easily outfit the car with our previous Yakima towers. Q-Towers up front and Low riders on the factory rack in back. Works like a charm AND has an impressive spread for stable kayak hauling.

Love the Vibe…love the low MPH.