Pontook in the Spring

We’re going for a run down the Androscogin next week. I know the Pontook releases don’t start until the end of the month but with spring in full force I’m wondering how much (if any) water we can expect in the Pontook section?



release info

Yeah but…
Thanks Scott,

I’ve seen that but I have to wonder?

With 3500cfs coming down from Umbagog can they really divert it all but the 350 cfs they’re calling for?

Or does some natural flow come down Pontook as well?


They can divert it all
I have seen it on a number of times when there was so little water that one could probably wade across it in sandals without getting water much higher then the bottom of one’s calfs. Considering that it has been a dry spring so far and probably most of the snow pack has now melted, I wouldn’t be surprised that it is pretty bony and dry for now. The water releases that are now scheduled had to be negotiated by AMC as initially the developer was going to permanently allow the river to by pass this whole section forever.

I belive it was a gift from John Sunnunu Sr. when he was governor to a friend who got to put this in for tax break reasons although it probably only generates enough power for a couple of very small towns if that. It also took out a long stretch of prime fishing waters.

Hopefully we won’t be walking (nm)

Beware of the dam
When the power company put the new dam in they created a low head one that has created a back eddy that has resulted in several drownings.

I’m planning to paddle the Osprey but I think I’ll bring the Explorer as well in case Pontook is shallow.

They are calling a minimum flow of 350 cfs.

Hopefully that will be enough to pole worst case.


I paddled from the state campground
on down, more of a scenery run, but the rapids would have made for good poling. I was amused by a still section where the bottom of the river was covered with thousands of log sections, probably left from old pulpwood drives.

We paddled a fair ways up into the swamp/marsh opposite the campground. Probably would have made good poling, but standing in a Synergy is not that easy.