Pontoon boats

I have canoes

I have kayaks

I even have a rowboat

I just need to know how are these Pelican pontoon boats in calm water lakes?

I know there heavy,but are they stable.

My dad hasnt been in his canoe for about 2 summers now and my mom hasnt been out on the water in aboue 6 years.

would this be a good alternative for them on the large ponds.

I guess it does suck getting old.



The work fine in a pond environment.
They are heavy, so you either need to be able to leave them at the pond or have a trailer to get them back and forth. I’d get the bigger, nicer one.

stable - easy of entry
can you step on to one of the pontoons to get in and not worry about flipping it.

Around 9 to 10 oclock when the wind picks up it will still feel seaworthy (with a little wave slap)

My Popper keeps talking about one and I have the flat bed snowmobile trailer and the S-10 to haul it.Even got a battery and trolling motor.

I’d be more concerned with a foot
getting caught in the rod tray, narrow and easy for that to happen, especially for a woman with a smaller foot.

Theres a place I know of that was renting them out last year.Maybe they still have them.When I get up there I guess i’ll Be a renter.If I remember I’ll post my thoughts.



How Old
And what kind of shape are they in? It is use it or lose it when you get older. Our hiking group leader is 78 and I know a lot more very active seniors.

Bass Pro has some that might be better quality. Look at the Livingston boats. They have a nice little 9’ boat that is extremely stable and they have larger ones.

mom and dad
O.k. Here it is.Dad used to carry a 85 pound Grumman on his shoulders to load and unload off a suburban plus portage all by himself.He’s 73.

Back is ok for his age but the back and knees are shot due to of construction.Mom is on oxygen from a rare lung disease(never smoked).She reads while dad fishes.I wish I could go with him but I have a job(dambit).Last year he got rid of the gas guzzler and got a pontiac vibe.But I have a full size and an S-10 P.U.with a trailer he can steal any time.I will check out the boats at Bass Pro,I know he’s tired of fishing from shore when he knows the pickrel are out there.



Pontoon boat
Check out Seaeagle’s foldCat at www.seaeagle.com

Can inflate or leave inflated for trailering.

I have
a waterskeeter Lake Placid. That is one of by best investments for estuary and lake fly fishing. You row to get to the spot and use swim fins to position and move the boat while fishing.


Not too good for a 73 year old with
knee problems or someone on oxygen.

Some thoughts
While rowing isn’t real good for a 73 year old on oxygen, there’s always the ODC1220 which can take a trolling motor and seats two easily, and could be rigged to carry an oxygen tank.

The pond hopper boats sound like a good deal. The Dolphin is one I’ve seen at ramps (not sure who makes it) and can take up to a small outboard or a trolling motor. About $2,000 all told, including trailer and trolling motor.

I’ve seen the BPS pond hoppers have two medium sized guys standing on the same “pontoon” casting and not flip it. If you’re looking for stability in calm water, I’d say they have it. The Uncle Buck Pond Hopper or something like that. Similar models from other firms are likely as stable. Those are in the $500 t0 $700 range.

I think the Vibe can take a small trailer without too much difficulty. You’d be looking at under 500 lbs gross weight for any of the options above with a 4x8 utility trailer. You can probably check the Vibe’s towing capacity on-line with Pontiac.

Get your folks on the water if they want to be there! Good for them.

  • Big D

checked it out
on line ,it looks pretty cool.

cabelas is only a mile away, I’ll have to go check it out.