I have had a pair of styrofoam pontoons for use with an Old Town Tripper and small motor. The styrofoam is quite old and showing wear. Does anyone know where I could get replacement foam?

instead of replacement, simply cover them with a marine epoxy or fiberglass resin and let dry…?

I imaging that would work! If tried, you should make sure the styrofoam (Expanded PolyStyrene/EPS) is bone dry. EPS had minute channels between the beads that sometimed fills with moisture, which could flummox the resin.

Or you could scrap the EPS, buy a couple of pool noodles and some PVC pipe to fit the holes in the noodles and attach them to the existing pontoon (sponson?) frame.


If covering with resin
If you are going to coat them with resin, I would first cover them with very fine weave cloth. Then apply the resin over the cloth.

If you heat the resin after applying with a heat gun, or hot hair dryer, it will thin the resin and allow it to soak into the fabric better. Just note it will then cure faster too.

My real concern here is that if the pontoons are old, and the surface is gouged or rough, so will the coating. It will add drag to your paddling. If this is not concern to you, then great!

Good Luck!