Today it was 50 in the morning with forecast to get to mid 60’s water 45. It’s these kind of warm days that too hot for my neoprine poogies. What I use instead are home made poogies using sunbrella fabric . they are plenty warm and a whole lot lighter than traditional neoprine. I may this pair about 5 years ago from some scraps from another project. Sunbella is great stuff, these still look new, they are warm and dry really fast. They take no room so I keep a pair on board in case the weather changes and it gets cold in the fall. To make mine just traced a pair of store boughts. Didn’t bother with Velcro or elastic. just shove them on the paddle before putting the pieces together. Paddle on

But yes, they are wonderful.

good idea
That’s a good idea. Thanks for the tip, I could easily make a pair like that – got some Army surplus digital camo Goretex supplex that would work.