Pool Noodles!!!

Where can I get some that have a 7/8” diameter hole?

I’ve been using pool noodles on my Yakima bars and Stackers. The ones I’ve used have a 7/8” hole which I can slide over the bars. However, the sunlight deteriorates the foam over time and they need to be replaced. I used to get them at the Dollar Tree stores for a buck a piece. Now I find the ones available in all the dollar stores and department stores near me have smaller holes, they won’t fit!

If anyone has a source for these, with the right size hole, I’d sure like to know.

Oh, and I’ve tried a couple of types of foam pipe insulation, they don’t compare to the pool noodles.

Thanks in advance,


Wally world
I got my last batch of the big diameter/big hole noodles at Wally world, but that was a while ago.

Ditto…Wally World
My local store had some just the other day…all the colors of the rainbow!

take a length of pvc pipe slightly longer than the pool noodles, and sharpen the edge of one end, then twist push it the length of the noodle to enlarge the hole…it works take the photo evidence from this site…


Wrap the noodles with gorilla tape,
they’ll last longer. May be a bit sticky.

Dollar Store!!
I found pool noodles at the Dollar Store…for a buck each!

I too use them for rack padding. Look around, I saw them at just about every dollar store.

You don’t have a profile, so I don’t …
…know where you live.

Where do you live ?

I bought a whole box of them at Wally World at the end of the season last year for .25 each.

I don’t even use them, but figured someone would want them.

I unloaded some with “Scupper Frank”, but I still have a bunch taking up valuable space, in the adult toys locker.



try any racing
supply store. roll bar padding, has big hole offset though it. thicker on the side opposite of the slice down padding. they are 4 ft. long and different colors.


Hey Jsaults,

Have you ever worried about bustin your back moving loaded boats in and out of the water?

I find 2’ sections of pool noodle very useful as rollers, especially if you are landing somewhere rocky.

Put a few under your boat before you load it. The noodles make it easy to roll the boat into the water and help prevent gouging the hull to boot.

~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD