Pool sessions

I’m hoping to find my way to a few pool sessions this winter to practice/learn new technique.

I’ve got a fiberglass boat, though, and I’m wondering if the chlorine in the pool is damaging to the fiberglass or any of my gear (neoprene skirt, pfd, etc…)

Also, where do people put their boats when not in the pool-not directly on that hard, rough, non-slip floor typically found at pools?

It seems wierd to think of driving down the road with big boat on my SUV in the middle of the winter! Anything else I should consider?


rinse off your paddle gear with fresh
water available at the pool. Paddle gear includes all neoprene as the chlorine is hard on that material but won’t affect fibreglass. I have no issue with putting a fibreglass boat on a hard surface as your getting into the boat while it is in the pool.

worry about your glass boat at the pool session. Can’t really hurt it. Or the pool deck for that matter.

However, chlorine will kill your paddling gear, ie. skirt, clothing pfd if not rinsed very thoroughly afterwards. By killing, I mean, after repeated use in the pool and no rinsing.

I have a skirt that I use solely for pool sessions and I take care and rinse it with fresh water, but after one year, it’s already developing a lot of holes and seam problems.

good points
but there is evidence that the ‘fresh’ tap water also contains high levels of chlorine (thank your local water treatment plant)…best is to put in a garbage bag, take home, rinse in a tub you have established for just this purpose and in that tub you can add some vinegar for the rinse.

Fiberglass is very resistant to chlorine but not totally so, gel coat is attacked by chlorine, cl- will attach almost anyting…of course it would take several decades to see the affect it is still working against your boat. Skin boats are especially prone and FC suggested I not do pool sessions with my Wisper…for me the easiest solution was getting a trasher, in my case a used Jackson Rocker already scarred from life, I consider it a sacrificial anode for winter pool rolling sessions.

Fiberglass vs. Concrete
I have a hard time believing that setting a 50 lb fiberglass kayak on a rough pool deck will not result in some damage, be it small scratches or cracks… Any more insight?

I bring my fiberglass boat
to pool sessions almost every week.

I set it on the concrete, but very carefully.

The worse damage is light cratches on the sides from the sharp tiles, when I get in. I probably should get out in the pool and cowboy in. I can still use the practice.

With the composit boat, I say use it and accept the light scratches.

A cheapo ww boat is a good idea too. I haven’t bought one yet. The Oregon State University pool loans ww boats and paddles, so I’ve been using thier boats some with my GPs. But I’d still want to use my own boat some.

Paul S.

well yes i’d prefer to use my boat too
its just a real challenge/pain to get a real sea kayak into the pool at our Wellness Center…too many corners to negotiate! I’m just glad they dont mind us bringing in boats. I used to think it was an issue but Dubside and EJ have shown us all that its at least 98% transferable.

Pool Deck
If you’re concerned about the hull meeting the pool deck you could put down some kind of mat or scrap astroturf to protect it.

It’s a boat
Use it. It will probably run into worse things in the ocean or river.

Like the inspirational poster in a coworkers office says, “A boat at harbor is safe. But that’s not what boats were made for.” Or something like that.

In the pool
Out of the pool is not tough on the boat unless you whack doorways etc getting it in. If you are disturbed about the small scratches the bottom will get from the tiles you haven’t used it hard enough yet.

But once in the pool, you can expect a few knocks as well. It’s of no more import than the stuff from the tiles, but at some point you’ll find it to be a bear to roll up to discover, once upright, that the stern of it was resting on its deck on the apron … stuff like that.

One note - the chlorine is no kinder to the deck fittings than to your skirt etc. So give them a bit of a rinse as well if you can too.

Try a trailer full
We do this all the time. Great reactions when we drive down to the Culinary Institute with a trailer full of Impex Kayaks for a rolling clinic or a practice session.

What do the skiers think? Gloabl warming warning?

See you on the water, chlorinated in this case,



what do skiers think…
where is THAT slope?

your worried about “small scratches,” I wouldn’t bother to even use the boat. Have you used it outside yet? Just wait until your first landing where you have no choice but to rub the hull over some rocks. Gonna definitely cause more damage than a pool deck my friend.