Poor man's float bag

After using a paint can of latex paint, wash it out good. Then you have a cheap watertight container.

Carry a decent opener along.

wine bags
even better for floatbags as they change shape and are lighter.


5 Gallon Bucket
I have used the 5 gallon bucket trick on several trips.

When my sister and her boyfriend went with us on the Big Piney river they used a pool chemical bucket and some of those Space Bags. http://www.adventurecanoe.com/forum/topic/big-piney-river-trip

I like the Space Bag idea they seem pretty tough and you don’t have to vacuum them to make them air tight. I would stow it in something to avoid abrasion but other than that they work well.



5-gallon bucket lids
I can’t remember where I’ve seen these, but I’m sure an internet search would turn up a source. I remember seeing lids for 5-gallon buckets with an outer rim that snaps on the normal way (and normally, a lid with a good air-tight seal requires a hammer to install and two pry-bars to take apart), but the main part of the lid can then be unscrewed from the rim with no tools. Ingenious! Just keep in mind that not all 5-gallon buckets require exactly the same lid. Maybe you can buy the lids and bucket together so you know they will match.

gamma seal
If you do a search you can get many different prices. Here is what it looks like:


I use a lid on a 2.5 gal bucket that fits in my solo canoe nicely. Great to keep my food and cookware. I add a liner bag and twist it closed to insure waterproofness. But it keeps the food safe from pesky racoons and rodents.