pop rivets

2002 taurus was cheap runs great and i love the fold down rear seat for paddle but yakima racks do not want to stay on at a wide span for 21 ft boat so we used big pop rivets in the clip under the doorwell. Might drill them out and go with epoxy then really big pop rivets. Anyhow the pop rivets seem to work great. I toyed with loosening head liner and drilling sideways thru doorpost and then going with a bolt and nut.

Hey Dave
You might want to look into what I used on the cap of my pick-up, espeially if you are thinking of drilling through the roof.

It is Yakima bolt through “Landing Pads”.

They come with a backing plate and all the hardware. then you would have to get the matching towers

It is the most solid set up that I have ever seen. - Expensive, but worth ever penny of it.

I have over 40,000 miles on them now carrying severaly heavy 17 foot yaks as well as four boats at one time.



Drilling thru the Roof
I did that on a Bronco II I had once. It might be worth your while to check where the bundle of wires runs through the roof, if they do on that car. I ended up drilling through the roof, throught 4 of the 8 wires before punching through the inside of the roof! Instead of a half hour job it turned into a 4 hr job to splice all those wires together again. I think the police would have frowned on no back lights, no turn signal and I would have missed the radio.


Sounds like a true…
river vehicle !

When we were up in the Yukon Territory we got a shuttle from a German guy with his “River car”.

All the windows were broken or missing, no headlights, no license plate, and everything rusted out. I don’t have a clue what kind of car it was.

He had two 2 x 4’s tied to the roof with rope running through the missing windows, and then the yaks got lashed to the 2 x 4’s

I think he was a nice guy, but I never did know what he was saying, but man was he ever proud of that “river car” !