Pop-up Ads

What’s the story on these new pop-up ads that appear and block a considerable amount of the bottom of the screen. They have to be constantly manually closed because they block the main content. They are making the site a pain to use.


Amen to that.

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They sure are!

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$$$$$$$$ nothing in life is free.

This was mentioned on another thread as well. I don’t see a single ad so the pop up blocker I have turned on in my settings must be working? Either that or the Purify ad blocker is keeping things ad free.

I also wonder if that setting could be the source for the continuing error message when I first click on a link to go to “latest” or “unread”. When I re-click the link, it works.

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I had never seen one of those persistent ads until today. Very irritating.

If you use Safari, it has an option to block pop-ups in the settings. The app Ad Blocker works quite well.

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This is something new. I’m not going to install a third browser or a separate app just to use Paddle.com. Plus the site is now very slow and occasionally does weird things.

No problem with any other site. Using Chrome but also have Edge.

I’m not having a problem but I’m always on a VPN.

Duck Duck Go also works like a ad blocker but doesn’t get me blocked from any sites.

I’m using Duck Duck Go on Win 10 Pro. It blocks some ads but leaves a gray space where they would have appeared. That gray space covers some content on this forum (not on any other site that I’ve found), but I can do a work-around by reducing the size of the window. There must be some odd-ball coding here.

I can see that gray area now that you point it out.

Site is also reporting almost 5 GB of memory usage. Most sites use less than 100 MB. Something weird is going on here. It’s affecting browser usage to some extent.

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How do you determine that?

In Chrome if you hover your cursor over a browser tab at the top of the page it shows memory usage. if you have not opened a tab in a while Chrome lists it as inactive and tells you what memory was freed up.

Edge shows percentage of resources saved if a tab is classified as inactive, but does not show memory usage for an active tab.



OK, I use safari on both my ipad and laptop. Thanks.

In many browsers there’s no way to determine how much memory a site is using. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

I suspect that it may be the many new animated ads that run on the site.

Closing the web site and reopening it reduced the memory usage by 80%. Have to see if it starts creeping up again. Performance improved as well. Used to be one ad to a page, now the site features constantly changing animated ads top, bottom, and right side. This isn’t the case with any other sites I visit regularly.

Followup: The memory usage did creep back up the longer I left the tab open. It’s back to 2.6 GB and still slowly climbing.