Pop-up kayak carrier

A little off topic ,but I wasn’t sure where to put this . I want to transport my Loon on my pop-up camper but can’t come up with an idea that I think will work . Has anyone built a rack for their camper that dosen’t need to be screwed on or otherwise permanent ? I don’t want to go to high expense stuff as normally I only use the camper on family outings ,when I take the kayak it is normally just my boys and I (wife and daughter don’t go).

I use…
I have a Fleetwood. They make a kit you can order that is custom made by Yakima. Allows you to mount Yakima bars to the top. That’s all you really need.

I have to Yakima bars on top of mine. I strap down my kayak to the top when needed. Also can accept a bike rack and a cargo box. Great upgrade.

They make two options…one that has tracks and sliding feet, and the other which is just permanently installed feet through which the bar goes. Check it out with your local Fleetwood dealer. Also can see on their website on line.


PVC Pushup bars…
use the link to see what I mean…make some pvc bars like these, as tall and as wide as you need them…then use foam pipe insulation for antiskid…once you tighten a holddown strap they wont move…


My PVC kayak rack for popup w/AC
Here’s a link to some pics of the rack I made for our popup, an older Coleman Sequoia.


It’s basically a pair of pvc goal posts with feet, I made the front shorter than the rear for downforce, good strapping front/rear/abeam and rubber shelf liner stuff under the “feet”. Low cost and effective.

I knew you had posted it before, I just couldn’t find it…this is what he needs!

Excellent !
That’s what I’m talking about good ole american engineering ,heading to Home Depot while son is @ football practice ! Thanks a ton

Glad to share
I used 1 1/2" PVC, I also left some of it unglued. The crossbars are glued, but the I left the “feet” unglued (where the vertical post of the foot joins the T of the crossbar) so they could rotate 90 degrees for easier storage - they stay in place just fine with the yaks strapped down and rubber under the end caps on the feet. I also left the upper vertical posts unglued so I could remove them for easier loading/unloading - to secure them, I assembled them then drilled a 3/8" hole straight across the joint (through both pieces) and used some big 3" C-pin retaining clips that act like big removable safety pins. By being able to remove those upper ‘keeper’ posts, I had less height to heave the boats up onto … when you’re 5’6" and have a funky back, every inch counts, lol!

Good luck and let us see some pictures of the finished product.

Trouble viewing website picture?
Hi Hotelroyale,

I have clicked on the link and since that didn’t work, I then copied and pasted it in a browser (IE7) and that did not work either for me. What am I doing wrong? Other than using a MS browser, that is.

Anyone else experience opening it up?

site down?

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I can't get it to open today either ... maybe the site is down? I'm not the host to that site, but I'll try and find out what's up.

Found out what's up ... server crash and last backup for the gallery was last December, before I posted my pics there. So they're gone for now. It was a picture gallery for folks into popup camping, the host is upgrading it now but it won't be up and running until after the holiday.

Pop-up kayak carrier
The web link is working, but the pictures are not showing up?

Site restored, photos available
The fine person hosting that gallery has gotten the site back up, I had to reload my pix and as a result there’s a new link address:


The link is to the thumbnails view, just click a picture to view full-size.

Pop-up kayak carrier
Awesome! Easy and cheep I like it!


We have a Rockwood
And the only time we’ve needed to put it on is when we have the luggage bag on top of the vehicle. But my hubby just put it on foam blocks beside the AC and tied it down good. No problem for one kayak, may have been if we had more than one.

With AC or without
Our previous popup didn’t have AC so it was simpler then, we just used those giant pool noodles fore and aft and strapped the yaks down the same way. But with the AC the yaks needed a rack - if the AC had been on one side instead of the center we might have been able to stick with the noodle method.

For folks on a budget or simply reluctant to spend a bunch on a mfg’d rack system (which in our case meant drilling new holes in the roof), a homemade PVC rack is a great option.

Anybody tried a canoe on this type rack?
I’m concerned about “lift” with a canoe. That sucker could be a big sail if the right wind got ahold of it. My used pop-up will have a big (taller than new ones) AC so I can’t go to the side…it’s gonna set high.


With a big canoe I would suggest increasing the down angle of the rack. Build the rear rack 12" or more taller than the front rack to make the canoe lay like a wedge - with the front of the canoe as low to the front edge of the pup as possible.

I don’t know what shape your tow vehicle is (truck, van, car), but if it is taller than the pup then it should cut a pretty tall path thru the wind, and as a result keep most of the wind force above the front of the popup and above the canoe.