pop up trailer roof

My ex brought our pop up trailer over to my drive way and one of the corner covers on the roof is broken off. He asked at a RV store and they said that they don’t make the trailer anymore. I guess he didn’t ask if another make would fit either. Its just a corner on the roof. But anyways. Does anyone know how I could fill in that hole if we couldn’t find a material to bend over the corner seems of the roof.

ask at pop up portal
or pop up explorer. They thrive on that stuff. Also, we/they can’t help without pictures or the make, model or year.

thanks for that
I will take a picture and give them the rest of the info and see if they can help out.

A simple fix
"Dicor" sealant.(caulk)

You use it in a coulking gun

You can get it at almost any well stocked RV store.

Get a tube of it that fits in a caulking gun.

Clean the area real well first, and use a popsicle stick or something to smooth the stuff out.

Follow the simple directions on the tube.

Work fairly quick with it, since it will get pretty sticky after a minute or two.

I may not look to pretty, but it does a great job and will last as long as you have the PUP.




I Did That
Was pretty, but it worked

Here’s “the right stuff”:


Come to think of it, this stuff might work really well on [some] boats too … a 2" roll might be handy to have for emergency repairs.

not for 75 bucks.