Popeil Pocket Fisherman


is on sale! Two for the price of one.


SOMEBODY must have tried one! Or if they did, are too embarrassed to admit it.


Pocket fisherman
How is the drag on those things?

Looks like ideal size
for a ice fishing rod.

What fish

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Sorry for my subject line I thought I was commenting on a different thread. Anyway I don't think any serious fisherman would use a pocket fisherman on any ocassion unless that was the only option. I suppose it could be used in ice fishing as someone suggested but even then there are better options.

I have seen them in action
and the common complaint was that the catch that holds the rod portion extended when unfolded breaks.

If you want a short rig, one of those 2.5ft crappie rods and a Zebco 11 would be a better investment.

Now if can just find a discount on those lure-launcher rods, I’ll be able to get fully outfitted.

  • Big D

used one in Turkey in 1974…fishing for Northern Pike in a lake called Cay…Turkish Guides that took us out in dougout canoes thought I was nuts until I started catching them (number 2 Mepps spinners with steel leaders)…we fed fifteen people for three days on the fillets, and packed another fifty pounds in ice to take back to the mess hall…

for fishing in confined places it’s okay…drift fish in a narrow canal, jig for crappie, would be great in the middle of a Hydrilla float.